11109 Plum Dr. Urbandale, IA 50322
Top Nails Policies
Our standards of excellence must be reflected in everything we do; in our service to our clients, our commitment and responsibility
to our salon and most importantly to each other. We will accept nothing less than excellence and refuse to compromise our values.
We believe the future of Top Nails & Spa revolves on the endless effort, creativity and intelligence of the people who make it work.
From our current standards of excellence we will continue to grow.

We want your experience with us to be a pleasant one.
We, at Top Nails & Spa take pride in our quality of service and grateful to all your patronage. To better serve you, we ask our clients
to be proactive in informing us of any dissatisfaction before you pay for services received so that we may either make any
adjustment to your liking, or entirely remove any enhancements or coatings that have been applied.

Service/Communication Policy:
Top Nails & Spa is implementing to all of our staff to communicate in “English” while in the workplace environment to better serve
our clients. Failure to comply with this policy will result to have the service rendered be reduced to 50%. We ask our clients, to
please be proactive in informing us of such dissatisfaction on any services received in order to provide the feedback to our staff and
make necessary reduction to your final ticket prior your checkout.

Pricing & Service Notice:
In all the services provided from Top Nails & Spa, our staff will provide the price(s) for the services ahead of time. Failure to convey
the prices prior performing the service, the charge will be reduced at a basic service price.

Staff may introduce our new products and upgrades, but in the event that our staff became intemperate or overselling services in a
singlevisit that may cause inconvenience to some clients. Please provide this feedback to our manager and service will be reduced
by 50%
. We want our clients to feel relax and comfortable without feeling pressured while visiting our salon.

Service Guarantee:
Top Nail & Spa guarantees that traditional nail polish will last at least 3 days after it is applied to your nails. Similarly, we guarantee
that enhancements and gel polish will last at least 14 days after application. However, if you notice any diminishments, chips, or
lifting of traditional nail polish, enhancements, or gel polish applied through our services, please contact our business to schedule a
complimentary repair. Please note that this service is honored by our business only for traditional nail polish that has been applied
by us within the last 3 days, or enhancements or gel polish that has been applied by us within the last 7 days. With any unfortunate
case that the color or nail art you have chosen at first are not to your liking after the service is complete and paid for, you may come
back within 7 days to have them redone at a special discount. However, please note that refunds cannot be made for any services

Personal Effects of Customers:
Top Nails & Spa is by no means responsible for any lost or damaged personal possessions, valuable or otherwise, of any clients.
Please keep your possessions secure and within plain sight to ensure that they are not compromised.

Right to Refuse Service:
Iowa state law empowers Top Nail & Spa in reserving the right to refuse services for any reasons pertaining to public health hazards.
As such, if any signs of fungus, infection, or the like are discovered, under our discretion, we will immediately stop all services until
further notice.

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